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As part of my degree I am conducting a research project and I will be carrying this out in different primary schools that use game consoles and video games in their classrooms. I am looking for schools that use game consoles and would be willing to help with my research. I will be giving questionnaires out to girls in key stage two.

Let me remind you of my research question from a previous post…

‘Do game consoles have a positive impact on girls’ learning and motivation?’ 

I have been doing lots of reading around the use of game consoles and video games in the classroom and how children are learning and becoming motivated from these. I have watched some fantastic talks, journals and projects that have inspired me to want to know more. I will update my blog when my literature reviews starts to come together.

However, until then if anyone would like to take part in my research please leave a comment or contact me via twitter: @lmkitching and let me know.

Thank you!

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